Turns Out Miley and Liam Are Star-Matched Lovers


So why can't these two seem to make it work?

This just in: country music sensation-turned-actress Miley Cyrus and her co-star & ex BF from "The Last Song" Liam Hemsworth were spotted running errands at an LA Panera Bread and Starbucks this past weekend. Study: Men Are Attracted To Women Who Save Money

We know, not exactly a recipe for romance, but they did look awfully cozy. So now that Miley's back from Paris where she was filming LOL: Laughing Out Loud, does this mean these two have got a shot at love again? Moonit thinks they've got one more song left in them.

It looks like Liam and Miley were a match from the start. According to their birth date analysis, it's no surprise that Miley (born on November 23, 1992) and Liam (born on January 31, 1990) found love on-set: they fit together "like a glove." As their romantic assessment reports, "we hope Miley's ready to settle down with her soul mate, because she's definitely found him. [He's] someone she understands deeply, even with all his profound craziness."

It turns out that she can, "actually be herself around this guy, because she knows he's going to love her even when she breaks out or comes home all sweaty from the gym." Miley has said herself that Liam "…really respects me for who I am because coming from Australia, he really didn't know me as the celebrity I am here. I got to tell him about myself on my own terms and my own way. He had no preconceived notion of who I was supposed to be."Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split

But wait; it gets better (or more annoying, depending on how you look at it.) "When they're together—and they'll want to be together all the time—everything is a thousand times cooler, so they'll find their lives can become easily intertwined… They're so synergistic, they could even turn a trip to the National Museum of Mold Spores and Boredom into an awesome romantic escapade. And when either of them is having a bad day, they can make each other laugh… just by hearing the sound of each other's voices."

At least someone likes Miley's cackle. It kind of makes our ears wish they could bleed harder. Just to rub it in our faces a little more, their synergy, "extends to their finances, so they'll be able to afford their adventures and generate some extra cash to boot." (We'll go with it. Miley's barely out of her teen years, but she can buy and sell a Baltic Nation a few times over.) 7 Celebrity May-December Couples

So, what's Moonit's prognosis? "Go ahead—start that project together! Pop out a few kids!" Cool! Except! Um, you know that part about them both being super young? Yeah. It might be too early in their lives to connect with someone so deeply, and since they both have a lot of growing up to do, it's likely better for them to circle back in a few years. Or, you know… when they can both legally vote.

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