Montana Fishburne Checks Into Psychiatric Facility

montana fishburne

Laurence Fishburne's porn star daughter is seeking mental help for anger issues.

Montana Fishburne is getting closer and closer to her longtime goal of being famous, granted notorious might be a better word. It wasn't enough to be famous by proxy for being the daughter of acting great Laurence Fishburne, so she tried to take the "Kim Kardashian's path to stardom" with Playboy, sex tapes and even a step further into porn. Laurence Fishburne's Daughter To Release Porno

But although the 19-year-old's tapes sold out, it seems the things that are really getting talked about these days are the "legal " matters that occurred before her on-camera sexcapades. Montana is awaiting trial for assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment after she broke into the her boyfriend's ex's house and forced her into a bathroom where she beat the crap out of her. This came after an arrest for prostitution last November, which led to charges of criminal trespass and probation. Although her father will not speak to her because to the XXX films, he still has been footing the bill for her legal troubles. Montana Fishburne Might Go To Jail For Porn

But lets not dwell too much on the past - it seems Montana is starting to take a step in the right direction as the latest headlines with her name in them report that the troubled celebuspawn will be heading into an inpatient facility in Southern California to work out some of her issues and "try to get her life together." 10 Sex Tapes We Never Want To See

Montana will be spending 30 days in a psychiatric clinic that specializes in in anger management, behavioral problems and mental illnesses. TMZ reports

Part of Montana's stay will be devoted to anger issues, but she'll also undergo diagnostic tests to determine if there are underlying behavioral or mental issues.

Laurence apparently will not comment on his daughter's hospitalization, but hopefully it will be the groundwork for change and a stronger relationship between the two of them. Everyone deserves a second, or third, or fourth chance right?