Community: The 3 Types Of Sexual Fantasies

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I’ve been thinking about fantasies a lot in the last couple of weeks. It all started when Pinkee and I went shopping for new dance outfits. We both bought corsets and I was surprised by what a huge hit they were. Every time I’ve worn mine, guys go bananas. True, it is sexy as hell (if I can say that about myself without sounding like a jerk). But the sight of a woman in a corset is more than just a visual experience. It sets the mind racing into all sorts of fantasies. Fantasies: How far is to far?

We here at The Booty Doctors think that fantasy is a good thing. It can help spice up your sex life, keep a couple monogamous if that’s what they want, and make a woman feel really sexy. There are three main types of fantasy, and the common theme for each is that you enter into role playing. You decide in advance (usually) who will play what role, and then you stay in character throughout the fantasy. The three types of fantasy are:

1. Innocent turns naughty: Think schoolgirl outfits or a naughty librarian. In this type of fantasy, the woman who seems innocent either gets seduced by the older, more experienced man, or she’s not nearly as innocent as she seems in the first place. There’s something yummy about someone looking one way and acting another.

2. Domination and submission: This can range from light bondage to full-on BSDM. You can use your hands to hold your partner’s arms over their head while you kiss them, or use a necktie or silk scarf to tie them up. A blindfold adds a nice element of surprise—they won’t know where you’ll touch them next and that’s pretty erotic. This is really fun play for someone who’s always in a dominant role in the world; it gives them a chance to reverse roles and be submissive for once, which is a great way to blow off steam. I Worked As A Dominatrix, But I'm Just Like You

3. Danger of the unknown: In this type of fantasy, the sexy pizza delivery person comes to the door and you seduce them inside. Or the police officer comes to ask if you’ve seen a suspicious man in the neighborhood and stays to comfort you in your fear… The basic idea is you pretend you don’t know each other and when you meet you have an irresistible attraction to each other. If you’ve never done a role play before, it might seem a little awkward at first. But stick with it and it will go from silly to sexy in short order. And hey, if it stays silly, there’s nothing wrong with silly sex once in awhile. A Shy Girl's Guide To Embracing Her Kinky Side

Mix it up to find out what works best for each of you. And have fun with it!