Looking for an honest man? Who isn't!


Good lord, where are all the good-hearted women? I see so many men’s dating profiles looking for this particularly type of female that I wonder if they really are that elusive. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson knew one such woman because I heard them singing about her.  Does that mean that men would have better luck if they cut short their online dating site subscriptions and head to the nearest honky tonk? Is that where these women are hiding? 


My guess is that good-hearted women are actually more numerable than dating sites would have you think and that the real problem isn’t dearth. It’s lack of originality on the part men when writing their dating profiles.


Before the women reading this remove their insensible shoes and do a happy dance, let me say that an endless number of women’s dating profiles are on a quest for honest men. So you don’t fare much better when it comes to taking a novel approach for saying what you want.


Besides the fact that qualities such as good-heartedness and honesty are basics - and that you might want to consider raising your bar a little higher - my main suggestion is that you avoid saying what everyone else’s is saying. Instead, do what successful advertisers do. Check out the competition then be different. For instance, say you’re looking for a fat gorilla instead. Just kidding. Just be sure that your profile sums out who you are and what you’re looking for in a way that’s different from everyone else’s so that you can stand out and be memorable. 


I had a client who was an illustrator and classic comic collector. An interesting way of conveying “good-hearted” was to say that if he were Archie, he’d pick Betty over Veronica. Given his work and interests this was not only a clear way of getting his wish across, it was also creative and relevant…another good reason to hire a professional ad writer (me) to write your online dating profile.


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