Why I Got Married On 9/11—One Woman Explains

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Two high school sweethearts decided to honor their anniversary and marry on 9/11.

Two high school sweethearts decided to marry on September 11th. Here's why.
Many people have asked us why 9/11? To that I say, "We're taking back the date!"
I know some people may not understand, but before it was September 11, it was our anniversary, and we've decided to honor that. I mean, I have been with my fiancé for 12 years now. We met in the seventh grade, really started hanging out in the 10th, and that led to our first official date, Sept. 11, 1998, long before that day became one synonymous with tragedy. lemondrop: First Love, Second Chance
I realize it's a slightly bittersweet thing, and we did think of changing the day we would celebrate. But finally we made a decision: We were not going to let terrorists affect our personal lives that way. Sept. 11 has always been our anniversary—it's also symbolic of us, and we don't want to change that. lemondrop: My Husband Died on 9/11
Of course, not everyone has agreed wholeheartedly with our reasoning.
When I told my sister Jennifer that we were getting married on Sept. 11, she said, somewhat sarcastically, "Wow, what a happy day for you to decide on." 
"You know what? It WILL be," I replied.
Granted, my sister was probably affected more directly by the tragedy than I was. She was living in New York City the day the towers fell. But even though she has geographic attachment to the event, when I said, "It's our day, and we're going to make it happy again," she understood and gave us her blessing. I feel like if she can get it, then everyone else can too. Life does go on. 
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Written by Kimberly Dawn Neumann (as told by Jessica Dunne) for lemondrop