Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part III)

Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part III)
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Pinkee here~ Talking about sex toys one more time this week.  As promised, we are moving on this week to some of the more “advanced” toys.

Anal sex is definitely not for beginners.  It takes, in order for it to be pleasurable, a lot of lube, and an open mind.  And, it also takes a certain preference.  Not all partners are going to want to even try anal sex.  However, all is not lost.  Anal plugs and “butt beads” are other options which fall short of anal sex but can still be lots of fun.

Anal plugs look somewhat like short dildos with a base.  That’s how you can tell a butt plug from a dildo.  Butt plugs, or anal plugs, have bases.  That’s for the very good reason that it actually is possible to stick something up there and lose it.  This could end you up in the ER with a very embarrassing explanation to give.  I don’t recommend it. 

Anal, or butt beads, are just that.  They are a string of small or graduated-sized beads that can be inserted (very slowly and carefully with lots of lube) into the butt.  They also have a safety mechanism so that they will not get lost, which is a loop at the end which is too big to go IN but can be used to pull them OUT. 

Both anal plugs and beads could be used as stand-alone toys, or used in conjunction with vaginal intercourse as an added source of pleasure.  Butt beads pulled out slowly just at the moment of orgasm provide an AMAZING sensation.  They are generally used this way, rather than as an “in and out” type toy.  Butt plugs, on the other hand, can be used in more of a slow, thrusting fashion.  It is definitely possible to create what I call a “buttgasm” through anal play.  It is an intense, very lovely type of orgasm which in my opinion is worth exploring. 

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