Dear Dr. Romance

Dear Dr. Romance

Dear Dr. Romance:

I have been dating a guy for 3 years now. He still lives at home
with his parents he is very polite we go to church together. He bought
our rings last year and we were going to get married this year.  I
canceled for this year. I don't know what bipolar is but i wonder about
him. His mom and sister and dad are a big factor I am also wondering
about his controlling issues. I know you don't know me at all I am
trying to tell you a lot in a little time. I was going to try add more
education to my college diploma . It seems like whenever i try to
improve myself he wants to somehow start some kind of distraction I
also have a beautiful daughter who attends a private Christian grammar
school. He just doesnt understand her. I dont think his parents let him
be a kid.  His family are doing well they want him to get married , but
don't want him to grow up. He is nine years younger than me. I have a
college diploma in computer networking , he is car mechanic. I know i
need to let go but it is hard. I think he does too and he is letting
go.  We are supposed to go to his parents house on Sunday. My dad said
to go ahead and go. I made the commitment it will be hard.

Dear Reader:

I can't tell if your guy is bipolar without
seeing him, but I do know It's very bad for your daughter for you to
get together with a man who doesn't understand her.  It's not the
difference in your ages that's a problem, it's his controlling behavior
and the fact that you're uncomfortable with how he relates to your
daughter.  If you both agree that you're breaking up, it's not
necessary to visit his family, but if your situation is not yet
resolved, it will probably be easier to go.  Either way, it's time for
you to let go and move on.

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