Liam Neeson Starts Dating Again

Liam Neeson

One of the things we love finding are those special, happy couple stories in Hollywood. You know, the ones that seem so real that we not only like hearing about them, but actually root for them to stay together. Well, that's exactly how we felt about the attractive couple of Irish actor Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson, daughter of Vanessa Redgrave. From the story of them falling in love during their Broadway days, to Neeson rushing to her side, we have to admit it—we always loved them together. So, when Richardson passed away early last year as a result of her tragic accident, we waited patiently for Neeson and his family to heal. Natasha Richardson Passes Away

Now, more than one year later, it looks like the new widower has decided to get back into the game. Reports from our favorite New York Post and Showbiz Spy tell us that the widower and Irish actor was spotted out in New York City last week with a beautiful blond British lady, 36-year-old Freya St. Johnston. A mother of two, St. Johnston lives in northwest London and has been seen out with him a few times lately. She's also the first woman spotted with Neeson since Richardson's passing.

In getting a peek at some of the photos and stories that have been flying around in cyberspace, we have to say that this is wonderful news for Neeson. While we celebrated his fifteen year marriage to Richardson (quite a feat in Hollywood), we're happy that he's been able to open himself up to the opportunity to fall in love again. Everyone deserves a second chance and if he's lucky to find it, then we say seize the day indeed!

Photo via INF.