Will Hugh Grant Attend Divine Brown's Wedding?

Hugh Grant and Divine Brown

Former hooker Divine Brown wants former client Hugh Grant to come to her wedding. How will he RSVP?

The year 1995 was memorable for many reasons. Forrest Gump ran away with the Oscars. Seinfeld was in its prime. O.J. was acquitted. And then, of course, there was the time that Hugh Grant got caught getting a hummer from a hooker near Sunset Boulevard. While that incident cost Hugh his relationship with longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley, it—and his charmingly contrite response on The Tonight Show—was largely responsible for making him a huge star. Elizabeth Hurley And Hugh Grant Are Still BFF

As for that hooker, Divine Brown, she also reaped the benefits of the sex scandal, making roughly $1.6 million from countless interviews. Because of one little BJ, Divine (now going by her given name, Estella Thompson) was able to quit prostitution and put her two eldest daughters through college. Divine would like to personally thank Hugh for helping to turn her life around and, according to a recent story in The National Enquirer, she plans to invite him to her wedding this fall.

It's interesting that Divine, who lives with fiance Richie Fediccini and their 21-month-old daughter in a "three-bedroom, four-bathroom home with its own white picket fence," has managed to overcome her sketchy past to find the life she always dreamed of, while Hugh is frequently described as a "lonely, old bachelor." But Divine hopes that her favorite john will get his romantic act together one day. She commented to the Enquirer, "What a shame he hasn't found lasting happiness. But who knows what the future holds for him? It's not too late to settle down." 5 Celebrity Bachelors Who Are Old And Alone

We think Hugh should RSVP "oui." After all, he hasn't worked in a year and Divine was good luck for him once before. All he needs to do is find a date!

Scoop: Celebitchy. Mugshots: Wikipedia.