Britney Spears Sued For Sexual Harassment

Britney Spears sipping a cold beverage

Surprisingly, K-Fed defends his ex against her former bodyguard's shocking allegations.

Just when we thought things were turning around for Britney Spears, she's been thrust back into the headlines, with a former bodyguard accusing her of sexual harassment. And unfortunately for Spears, who has managed to maintain a relatively low-key lifestyle since her well-documented public breakdown that resulted in her father taking legal control of her life, the allegations ain't pretty. Casey Affleck Sued For Sexual Harassment

Fernando Flores, a former security guard for the troubled pop star, is suing Spears for an undisclosed amount (which we're sure is enough for Flores to comfortably retire on) after being "humiliated and traumatized" by the singer. In the sexual harassment lawsuit, Flores alleges that Brit "made repeated unwanted sexual advances," threatened to fire him over a Slurpee (seriously), exposed "her naked body or near-naked body" to him and, worst of all, "engaged in numerous sexual acts" both in front of him and her two boys (now 3 and 4).

As for the Slurpee incident, according to Flores, Britney sent him to get her one during a movie, and when he told her there was a 15-minute wait, she threatened to fire him, yelling, "I want my [we're sure you can fill in the blank here] drink! God! I'm gonna fire your ass!" We know Brit loves her cold drinks, but we hope that a stupid Slurpee doesn't end up costing her a huge chunk of change (or her kids).

But just as we were about to suggest the singer be committed for good, shockingly (considering the former couple's ugly history), Britney's ex-hubby, Kevin Federline, jumped in, defending Britney against the security guard's claims, which he insists are fabricated. In a statement to the Associated Press, K-Fed's attorney said: "He [Kevin] is satisfied that the allegations are a product of economic motives. They are as baseless as they seem." And according to, Federline's lawyer also added that Kevin "takes the kids' welfare extremely seriously, and that an investigation into Fernando Flores's claims prior to his lawsuit turned up nothing."

We hope that Kevin's right and that the lawsuit is dismissed, so Britney can go back to getting her life in order. And despite what we may have thought about him in the past, if we ever find ourselves divorced and facing some pretty nasty rumors, we hope to have an ex like K-Fed who will come to our defense (despite any bad blood from the past). Kevin Federline Apologizes To Shar Jackson

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