What's The Situation With Snooki And Jeff Miranda?

Snooki and Jeff Miranda
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Jeff says they're star-crossed lovers, while Snooki says he's a creepy stalker.

Last week, we reported that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's supposed boyfriend, Iraq war vet Jeff Miranda, proposed to her on the cover of Jersey mag, Steppin' Out. Snooki quickly shot Jeff down via Twitter with this message: "Just want to set the record straight. I'm single and I'm not going to get married!" And now the little orange firecracker is acting like she and Jeff never had a relationship at all. Snooki's Boyfriend Proposes Via Magazine Cover

In a more recent tweet, Snooki claims, "I have been single this whole summer. These guys are just bein ultimate creepers.. BlEh!" And in a letter to Steppin' Out's editor Chaunce Hayden, Snooki said, "I am not happy with you and the cover you did with stalker Jeff, the kid that I knew for a day who obviousy (sic) is a fame whore." And in this scene, Snooki is obviously (with an L) playing The Pot, with Jeff taking on the role of The Kettle.

Up until recently, Jeff believed that MTV's lawyers were blocking him from seeing his tiny little lady love, and called his and Snooki's romance "like Romeo and Juliet against the big corporate machines." And against Jersey Shore co-star, Angelina, who Jeff claimed tried to break him and Snooki up so she could have him for herself. (It seems that all Angelina ended up breaking though was a microphone in Jeff's face during a strip club brawl. Classy!) However, Jeff has changed his tune now that he's aware of Snooki's email to Steppin' Out. In a bitter email of his own to Chaunce, Jeff laments, "I just realized, Nicole f--king used me for the show and threw out fake feelings to make me look like a creep on the show when I called the house." Jeff is scheduled to appear on Steppin' Out of the Tabloids with Chaunce Hayden to further discuss how he got snookered by a guidette. Jersey Shore Snooki's Guidette Breakup Advice

Scoop: RadarOnline. Photo: Splash News.