YourTango Talks With Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold, Ryan Matthews 90210

90210's sexiest teacher enlightens us on the lessons of love.

Is it just us, or is Ryan Eggold, aka 90210's hot teacher Ryan Matthews, an exceptionally exquisite man? On screen, there's just something about his just-out-of-reach English-teachery allure that keeps us inching towards the front of the class, err, screen. In person, he's equally as charming as his counterpart. But charming really doesn't do him justice. Could he be the Ethan Hawke to our Winona Ryder? Our Julie Delpy?

YourTango sat down to chat with this soulful*, funny fellow about love songs for ex-girlfriends, lipstick parties and high school romance.

How have relationships changed at Beverly Hills High since the original 90210 was on T.V.?

Relationships always moved fast—now they're moving faster, and with more happening. For example, in the old show, there used to be 3 or 4 storylines, now there are 9 or 10. Everything is more complex and nuanced.

I think this unquestionably reflects the times we live in now. Kids are just moving faster. I hear about things now and think, "Whaaat? That happens?" I hear about kids having these lipstick parties. Google that. I can't believe it.

(We did. We can't either!)

Your character, sexy teacher Ryan Matthews, has had his fair share of heartbreak on the show, which ultimately led him to drink. What do you think is a better way to deal with heartbreak or a bad breakup?

The most important thing is to find what is/was good about the breakup. And there is always something good about it. If the relationship was taking up all your time, now you've got time to work on your music. Find out how the breakup will be beneficial for you. Once you do, focus on that and not what hurts.

If your love life were a song title, what would it be?

Hit Me Baby One More Time—just kidding, that's ridiculous. Hmm... If it were a song title, how about Take It Easy Babe. I wrote a song called that...

Oh yeah? Tell me about it. What was it like?

A simple song on the guitar, kind of like Ryan Adams.

Tell me, did she appreciate it?

I meant it in a different context. It was a saying goodbye song, so I don't know how much she appreciated it.

Fill in the blank: I'm a sucker for a woman who is...


What is one of the best compliments you've ever received from a girlfriend?

That I am soulful. Is that lame? It sounds lame actually saying it aloud.

If you could time travel, what love advice would you give your younger self?

Just relax and stop worrying. That five-week long relationship that seemed so important? Now you don't even remember most of it. Chill out.

How is it different being in High School love versus adult love? Is one better? Easier?

I don't think one is better, but there is a huge difference. In High School, love is more innocent and more immature. It was about infatuation or fondness. It was simple and pure and mostly just about having a good time. Of course, those are all great. Mature love has to do more with things like compatability and life perspectives. There are so many complications. It can be conveluted.

What's the most valuable piece of relationship advice that you have ever received?

Someone told me this when I was struggling in a relationship and it really helped clarify the way: Accept the relationship for how it is today. Don't think about what it could be if only this or if only that. It is what it is today.

What's your favorite romantic movie?

I'm torn between Reality Bites and Singles.

Which living, historical or fictional couple do you admire most?

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in Before Sunset / Before Sunrise.