Serena Williams Sets Her Sights On Drake

Serena Williams

Sources say the tennis pro asked agents to arrange an introduction to the hip hop superstar.

Tennis dynamo Serena Williams may have split from hottie rapper ex-boyfriend Common this past spring—but that hasn't stopped this champion from rolling out a new strategy in the game of love. This time, though, she's setting her sights on the delicious (and younger) musical sensation, Drake! According to the New York Post, Williams has asked her agents to set up a meeting, possibly while he's in New York later this month for a perfomance at Radio City Music Hall.

Williams has definitely had her share of high profile relationships over the last few years. She was with Common for two years and before that, director Brett Ratner, who's responsible for top films such as the Rush Hour franchise and X-Men: The Last Stand, not to mention music videos for artists such as Mariah Carey, P.Diddy and Jessica Simpson.

Even though we're curious and excited by this potential match up, we can't help but wonder how Williams, who is a top-ranked tennis player, philanthropist, media personality, businesswoman and fashion diva will make a relationship work with the ever popular Drake (who went from star of the Canadian hit Degrassi: The Next Generation to one of the top acts in R & B and hip hop overnight). From what we understand, part of the reason her courtships with Common and Ratner didn't work was because of her time apart from her high-profile honeys. And, it definitely seems pretty business-like, with her agents already involved in the fix-up.

Our take on it: Even though we have mixed feelings on the initial set-up, there's no doubt that Serena Williams knows how to go after what she wants. And, if she's managed to juggle the demands of her lifestyle and keep up with a sexy piece of work like Common, we're inclined to think that she no stranger to Drake's lifestyle. At the same time, we're thinking he can hang with Williams, given his penchant for older women (Drake is five years Williams' junior).

Either way, this is one cougar move we do approve of. Game, set, match!

Photo via INF.