Neck, Back And Right Knee? How Women Judge Dancing

man dancing hat knees bent

Scientists find what male dance moves appeal to women... and what the right knee has to do with it.

What do animals in the wild and men have in common?

Their dance moves, of course! OK, not so much their moves, but the messages their moves say to the females around them. British scientists have determined not only what makes a man a "good" dancer but that this designation usually corresponds to a man who's in good healthDancing Can Improve Your Relationship

Scientists found that women generally pay attention to a dancer's "core body region: the torso, the neck, the head," as opposed to his arm and leg movement. Sorry, cast of Jersey Shore. It looks like fist-pumping won't land the ladies.

One of the researchers explained to BBC that "people go to night clubs to show off and attract the opposite sex" in a similar way animals use movement to attract their mates. These routines are meant to give information about a man's health, age, reproductive potential and hormone status. Moves like "twisting, bending, moving, and nodding" are sure to catch a woman's eye, just as they do in the animal kingdom. A male dancer whose moves are rigid and repetitious is less attractive to women than one whose neck, torso and—curiously—right-knee movements are flexible and varied.

This adds up: A guy dancing like Steve Urkel doesn't exactly encourage us to buy him a drink, does it? On the flipside, there's a reason Patrick Swayze's Dirty Dancing role made him such a heartthrob—and it had little to do with the delivery of his lines. How Dirty Dancing Ruined My Love Life

We're learning this just in time for the new season of Dancing With The Stars, where we'll soon focus in on the necks, torsos and right knees of contestants like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from Jersey Shore, singer Michael Bolton and former pro basketballer Rick Fox to see how they stack up in attracting female votes from the audience.

Remember guys, lose the rigidity—and keep those right knees moving!

Tell us: What male dance moves are wins/fails, in your opinion?