Niecy Nash Thanks God For Gifting Her A Man

Niecy Nash Gets Engaged To Jay Tucker

The Dancing With The Stars alum announces the good news on Twitter!

Reality TV star, Niecy Nash got a nice surprise over the weekend when her boyfriend, Jay Tucker, proposed. The bubbly Clean House host was so thrilled, she immediately told her fans the good news, tweeting, "I was asked a very important questions. I said yes!" Kelsey Grammer Announces Divorce On Twitter

Niecy was so touched by the moment she wanted to share the engagement story with her fans too, even reenacting the romantic proposal with Tucker in a series of photos that she posted on Twitter. Seriously, could they be any cuter?

The newly engaged couple, who have been dating for one year, plan to get hitched in May. (This will be the second marriage for Niecy, who split with her minister hubby, with whom she has three kids, in 2007.)  But as excited as Nash is to marry Tucker, she's not nearly as pumped about the whole wedding planning thing, telling Entertainment Tonight, "Falling in love was the easy part, planning a wedding—yikes!"

But for now, she's just grateful that Tucker put a ring on it. "I cannot believe that God has been this kind that he would gift me this man," Niecy told ET. "I love you so much." Awww, we're melting!

Photo via INF.