What Happens When You Go On 51 Dates In 50 Weeks?

Kristen McGuiness

Author Kristen McGuiness discusses her new book, a memoir about being single.

If you're single and looking to commiserate about your fate, do we have a book for you. Author Kristen McGuiness was on The Today Show yesterday talking about 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life

Then Chelsea Handler tweeted about how much she loved it, but that's not what hooked us.

Instead, we fell hard for Kristen's straight-up, this-is-what-being-single-is-really-like tone from page one. And when a writer has you laughing out loud after you've only cracked the cover, you know you're in for a treat. Here's how she describes herself going into this surprisingly spiritual journey:

"I am a secretary with a fancy college degree and more books in my kitchen than cooking ability. I am the only child of an incarcerated drug smuggler and a woman who won't even steal pens from the office. I am the granddaughter of a woman who regularly insists I should just marry rich. I am a transplanted Los Angeleno with a questioning belief in the great powers above and an awful sense that I have more solo Saturday night trips to Trader Joe's and Blockbuster in store..." (lemondrop: Dating at a College With a Dude Shortage)

Tell us more, we thought. And she did. Lemondrop sat down for a chat with Kristen who, when she started this dating rampage, was 30 and hopeful. It had been, she says, five years since any man told her he loved her; three years since there was anyone close to a boyfriend in her life; and a year and a half since she had...well... Anyway, ouch. (lemondrop: It's OK to Be Single in Your 30s...Unless You're a Girl and If I'm not Married by 30...)

But in the course of her memoir, she (ready, girls?) kicks her coke addiction, went on multiple dates with a bad-boy electrician, and formed a lasting relationship with a Jewish-Native American shaman who taught her the truth about love. (lemondrop: Why We Love Bad Boys

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Written by Carrie Sloan for lemondrop

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