Craigslist Shelves "Adult Services" Postings

censored sign in front of naked woman

The controversial adult services section may not have a happy ending.

It looks like sex has stopped selling, at least for now. Per Slate (and millions of other sources), Craigslist has pumped the brakes on their "Adult Services" section. That's right. No more bartenders or mortgage brokers on the CL. That can't be right. OK. No more "adult" services. The site for swappin' and sellin' popped signage stating "Censored" over the section's hyperlink and then went radio silent. No media requests, apparently, have been met with an explanation.

Some savvy media pundits from such places as the New York Times (among many, many, many others) believe that Craigslist is keeping it close to the vest so as to allow the public to jump to conclusions about the action. Which conclusion would that be? Presumably the conclusion that the law is over-stepping its bounds. As you likely know, the "Adult Services" section is for things like in-home massages, in-home erotic massages and in-home erotic massages ending happily. Maybe "massage" is the problem (kidding!). The New York Times Takes On Casual Encounters

Allegedly, Craigslist pulls in $44 million per year on this segment of the site alone, and site founders are standing strongly by the conviction that they are in compliance with the Communications Decency Act (which basically says a site's not really liable for what its users post). We'll see where this ends up.

Don't be alarmed if you use Craigslist for "casual" romance, though. The "Casual Encounters" section is alive and kicking, as are "Rants And Raves." I'm guessing that some subculture of the citizenry has already infected all manner of web transactions, and that a "Mint Condition Sergeant Slaughter" is a very specific and high-priced sex act. Seriously, how many people are really buying Cat Fancy off of Amazon? How To Date On Craigslist

In related news, over at Yahoo! News, they report that the Dutch are fired up (do the Dutch ever get fired up?) about a guide for college freshmen that includes wanted ads for performers to get freaky-deaky in front of a webcam. I think they may've mistaken college freshman for Russian immigrants promised lucrative jobs in fashion.

Do you thinks Craigslist should be responsible for what its users post? Do you think prostitution should be legal?