15 Signs He Definitely Wants To Be More Than 'Just Friends'

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By Wendy Atterberry

Are you in a male-female friendship and trying determine whether your pal is strictly a pal and nothing more. If you’re feeling a little unsure what the status of your relationship is, this list will help you determine if his feelings have moved beyond just friendship.

  1. He gives you jewelry for your birthday.
  2. He dreams about you (and tells you so).
  3. When his friends tease the two of you for acting like "an old married couple," he blushes.

  4. He notices when you trim your hair.
  5. He thinks the guy you had a date with last week—and every guy before that—"is kind of a douche."
  6. He's stopped talking about other girls.
  7. He prefers paying when you go out together.
  8. He tells you you smell nice.

  9. When you go away for a week to visit your best friend, he tells you he'll "miss you."
  10. He brings you chicken soup when you're sick.
  11. Instead of calling you by your last name like he calls all his friends, he has a cutesy nickname for you.
  12. He cooks for you.

  13. His parents come to town and he wants to introduce them to you.
  14. He prefers hanging out with you alone.
  15. He'll watch a chick flick with you even though he thinks they suck.

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