Body Image: Do You Lose Weight To Feel Sexy?

unhappy thin woman pouting on a scale

Many women say they need to lose weight to feel sexy. Does your body image affect your sexiness?

Nutrisystem is the latest organization to reaffirm the age-old concept that women are obsessed with losing weight to feel sexy.

Their newly implemented diet index system "is a series of national consumer surveys tracking American's diet behaviors, attitudes and trends throughout the year," revealed that "52 percent of women would take a summer without sex (!) over gaining 10 pounds" and "73 percent of Americans are willing to give up TV, cell phones and computers in exchange for a flatter tummy."

In general, "nearly a third of Americans confess to being self-concious about their bodies and a majority of Americans (66 percent to be exact) say they need to lose weight to feel sexier than they currently do." Flaws? Scars? How To Look Past Your Imperfect Body

Hey, Nutrisystem: which part of this is supposed to shock us? I personally would forgo dispensable internal organs if it meant I could have a smaller waistline. To be fair, we were unaware of just how many Americans felt the same way we do when it comes to our weight, but society has long suggested that single-digit jean sizes and outfits we see Kim Kardashian or Blake Lively wearing on the covers of Us Weekly be our benchmarks of sexy.

We know what society deems sexy and not sexy—but is the solution for women to continually strive to lose weight to fit that mold or to try and change our perception of what counts as sexy in the first place? We know, for example, plenty of enviably thin women who still don't feel confident and sexy in their own skin. What's keeping us, as society, from realizing sexy's a state of mind not a dress size? Feeling Ugly Hurts More Than Just Self-Esteem

Readers, what do you think? Would you feel sexier if you lost weight?