Can't too go long with out being with her bf befor

Can't too go long with out being with her bf befor

"Four months passes and we fall head over heels for each other. I knew he
wanted to marry me. The trouble started when he went out of the
country for interviews, and didn't see me for almost three months. At
this point I felt neglected and missed the current ex to the point where
I would cry weekly. I couldn't even bring myself to complete all of
the assigned work in university or attend all of the lectures. This was
my lowest point and the ex was not there to support me emotionally. This
neediness resulted from the previous relationship where the guy did
everything for me ( always driven everywhere, spoiled like crazy). I
slept with a previous fling as a result.

ex found out what happened and is willing to give me a second chance. He has a history of girl cheating on him.

Reason: I always had someone by my side and it
was the first time I had ever been away from a bf for such an extended
period of time. I would never think of cheating on him or anyone again.
But I don't know if relationships work after such betrayal. Broke my
own morals and defaced a loved one.
by aspiringMD

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