Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part II)

Buzz, Sex

Pinkee here~ As promised, this week we’ll be talking about the next step in sex toys, dildos and vibrators. 

Let’s start with dildos.  Dildos are, very bluntly, fake erect penises.  They come in many different shapes, sizes,. and colors.  If you were to buy one for your woman, what type should you buy?  Well, think about the number of fingers she likes to be inserted into her vagina, (IF you happen to be privy to this information) and choose one that has approximately the same diameter.  Then, decide whether to get the realistic type, complete with “veins” popping out, or the smooth, less realistic-looking type.  Finally, decide on a color.  Again, you can choose a realistic, flesh-colored dildo, or if you want to be more adventurous, choose one in her favorite color. 

Of course, if you are daunted by the task of buying a dildo or vibrator for her, or if you are scared she will freak out, suggest that you go to the sex toy store together, and let her pick it out.  This shopping trip can also serve as a sexy date which can get you both in the mood.

Vibrators, on the other hand, are sex toys that do as the name implies, they vibrate. 
Most vibrators, unlike dildos, are made to stimulate a woman (or a man) externally, particularly her clitoris.  There are also vibrating dildos and vibrators with attachments to stimulate the vagina and/or G-spot.  There are two basic types of vibrators, wands and coil-operated/hand held. 

The wand vibrator has a large, fist sized vibrating head attached to a long handle.  Some of them run on electricity, and some on batteries.  It provides a more diffuse type of vibration.  Men may also experiment with it and play with either type of vibrator on themselves. 

The coil vibrator is also sometimes called a hand-held vibrator.  These run on batteries and are less costly than the wand vibrator.  It gives a more direct and intense clitoral massage.

And now, a word about lubricants.  I do recommend that you and your partner make use of a good lubricant, preferably water-based, which is better for your health as well as for the integrity of your latex condoms.  Lubricants used with your sex toys can make it both easier for you (good “slidability”) and more pleasurable.    

Once you have your “tools”, you may want to let your woman use them alone first.  That way, she can get comfortable with them and let you know later how she likes them to be used on her.  Once you have had at least one play session just to familiarize yourself with how she likes to be pleasured with her new toys, take the next step.  Have a full out sexual bonanza complete with intercourse and lots of toy play simultaneously.  Some women who have previously found it hard to achieve orgasm during intercourse may suddenly find it quite easy   And again, guys, it’s not personal.  It’s just the way some women are made.  Be happy that you have found a new way to have fun together in bed!