Can Someone Give Jodie Sweetin A Reality Show?

Jodie Sweetin

It’s a full house for the former child star and drug addict, who just gave birth to baby no. 2.

If there’s a former child star who is desperately in need of a reality show, it’s Jodie Sweetin. Best known for her portrayal of Stephanie Tanner, the unenviable middle child on the wholesome family show, Full House, Jodie retired as an actress at the age of 13, only to end up an unemployed, meth addict in her early twenties who got drunk and high every chance she could get. But after a few false starts at sobering up, a tell-all book, some reportedly large breast implants, and two failed marriages, Jodie has cleaned up her life and recently gave birth to her second child, a baby girl named Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle. (Is it us or does it sound like she gave her daughter a storybook character’s name?)

According to People Magazine, Beatrix’s dad is Jodie’s boyfriend Morty Coyle, who is a celebrity DJ and, if this photo is of any indication, a big fan of guyliner. Something else that Morty is a fan of? His Twitter account. He even Tweeted a count-down to little Beatrix’s birth:

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Later, Jodie, who, unlike her boyfriend, does not capitalize every word in her Tweets, wrote:

"Beatrix is just absolutely beautiful! Im so blessed with 2 gorgeous girls and a great man. Life is good! Thanks 4 the love everyone!"

The new mother, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named Zoie with ex-husband Cory Herpin, has said in the past that when Full House ended, it felt like she "lost her family." We hope that having two daughters have given Jodie some much needed family time back. Now, someone give this woman a reality show, stat! 

Photo Credit: INF