Jennifer Aniston: Dating Lindsay Lohan's Ex?

Jennifer Aniston

The actress was seen on a date with 29-year-old Harry Morton. The cougar strikes again!

Is the restaurant at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood Jennifer Aniston’s go-to first date place? Because she is constantly spotted there with various "mystery men." Back in July, she was photographed with the married actor Christopher Gartin, sparking rumors that she was about to pull an Angelina Jolie, and, now, this week, she was seen having a romantic dinner with another guy, Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Harry Morton. 

According to an eyewitness who spilled the beans to RadarOnline:

"Jen was at a cozy corner table with a good looking younger man," said the spy. "She was twirling her hair a lot and flirting shamelessly."

The source also added that there was many "lingering touches" between the two and that Jen looked "a little nervous, putting her hair up in a loose bun and laughing at everything he said." Jennifer Aniston’s Career Might Be Over

Evidently, the two were so immersed in their conversation that they hardly touched their dessert, and Harry picked up the entire check himself, before they both left in separate cars.

Ugh. It’s hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston would really go on a date with Lindsay Lohan’s sloppy seconds – Isn’t she supposed to be trying to get pregnant? What happened to the "wealthy, European banker" her so-called friend said she was seeing? – But, then again, she once shared John Mayer with Jessica Simpson too. John Mayer Dating Jess Simpson & Jen Aniston?

Harry Morton is the heir to the Hard Rock Café empire and was thought to be engaged to Lindsay Lohan before she went public as a bisexual and started dating Samantha Ronson. He is also only 29-years-old! This makes him even younger than John Mayer, who at 32, was still reportedly too immature to consider settling down with Jen and having some babies. So, either, Harry is way more mature than most hard-partying, 29-year-old club owners (He bought the Viper Room back in 2008), or else, this is another disastrous attempt on Jen’s part to be a cougar.

Will she ever learn? We’re starting to think that ESPN commentator called it right when he said that Jennifer Aniston purposely chooses guys who will never work out in the long run. However, we’re still holding out hope that this was just a revenge date to get back on John Mayer and that she really is dating an older, wealthy European guy. Because she really needs to take a cue from Salma Hayek, aka Mrs. François-Henri Pinault, and date someone older, more mature (and, who ideally doesn’t have a Twitter account) if she ever wants to get married or have a kid.