Top 10 Cities For Online Dating

couple on the beach in san francisco goldeen gate bridge

OKCupid and Forbes have found the top 10 cities for singles dating online.

While some still find the good old-fashioned meet-a-guy-in-a-bar method works wonders, scores of singles are turning to online dating websites to find love. In fact, studies show that these days, more and more of us are browsing the web, instead of the bars, to find our next date (or hook-up). Listen Up People: How To Meet Single Men And Women

So Forbes and the dating website OkCupid teamed up to pinpoint the cities where single men and women have the most luck finding love on the web. The method to their madness? They determined the cities with both the most singles and the most active online dating profiles over the past year.

To see if your hometown is an online dating hotspot (or if you should consider using a different man-trolling method), read on for the ten best cities for singles surfing the web.

1. Detroit, Michigan: With 51 percent of the population single and online, Detroit is the perfect place to surf for a date.

2. Dallas, Texas: In Tony Romo's hometown, 46 percent of the population is riding solo, including the Cowboys' quarterback! 

3. Los Angeles, California: Although Hollywood isn't exactly lucky in love, the City of Angels for us mere mortals' love connections. In fact, 51 percent of the population has gone online to meet their match.

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Tying with L.A. for single hot-spot status, just over half of Philly's population remains unattached and online.

5. Portland, Oregon: 49 percent of Portlanders are hoping to find Mr. or Mrs. Right on the internet, which make for pretty good odds in our book.

6. Atlanta, Georgia: Call it Hotlanta! With just under half of the residents claiming single status, it's a great place to use your laptop to score a hot date. 

7. Seattle, Washington: Seattle's population of online singles (47 percent to be exact), rivals Portland's. Could it be all those teched-out coffee houses with free wi-fi?

8. San Francisco, California: Just over half of San Fran's dwellers are relying on dating websites to find that special someone. And if you think you found him, the Golden Gate Bridge makes for a seriously romantic initial meeting spot. Just think of the story you'll tell your kids...