Links We Love: Putting Sex Back Into Your Marraige


How to put the sexy time back into your marriage and the best advice from people like you.

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BeliefNet's readers share their best marriage advice of all time. And they would know, they read BeliefNet. [BeliefNet!]

The eternal debate: Who has it harder the stay-at-home parent or the one who goes to work? [MomLogic]

The eternal fight: How do you spend and save your money? Engaged Marriage has some solutions for us. [Engaged MarriageStudy: Men Are Attracted To Women Who Save Money

What would you do if your child announced he or she was gay? What would your spouse do? [FamilyGoesStrong]

Foreign Secretary William Hague talks about how infertility has changed his marriage of 13 years. [HelloMagazine

How porn can ruin a marriage. [The Marry Blogger]  Porn Use Around The World

Time to put the time back in "sexy married time." [Hitched Magazine]

Could your marriage survive infidelity? Would you want it to? [Marriage Gems