ORAL SEX! is it even sex?

ORAL SEX! is it even sex?
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When people are going to cheat on someone else or want to be sexually
active but don’t want to commit to the whole act of having sex, they
will often just engage in oral sex since they don’t consider that sex.
Why isn’t oral sex considered sex? Doesn’t it even have the word “sex”
in the name?
I think a lot of the misconception behind why oral sex isn’t sex is
because it isn’t sex in the traditional sense because of the lack of
penetration part, but isn’t it just penetrating in a different sense?
People always hide behind the idea of virginity and still being a virgin
if you have oral sex because the virginity of said person remains
intact, but is that really the case? If you’re already in the situation
where you’re being intimate with someone, and you’re either a virgin or
have a boyfriend, isn’t that just as bad as actually having sex? If
anything I think it would be worse because oral sex is a more degrading
gesture on behalf of women because they don’t receive any pleasure from
it. At least if shes having sex with someone shes getting something in
return and the act becomes worthwhile, but if shes only giving him oral
sex then shes degrading herself for his pleasure, which in turn will
only infuriate her boyfriend more because he knows of this unbalanced
relationship and wont be very happy about it. If someone is thinking about cheating it should be to get pleasure not give it.
Ultimately, if you’re going to cheat or be intimate with someone as a
virgin, you might as well commit to either the entire act of having an affair
or if you’re a virgin, traditional sex, because lets be honest, you’re
not fooling anyone either way. People will still think you’re a cheater
and people will still think you’re not a virgin, so might as well go the
whole way. At least this way you get the full experience and pleasure.

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