How To Navigate A One-Night Stand And More


"If I tell him my name, does that make me clingy?" One woman asks.

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The mercurial swamp creature who edits this column suggested last week that it was high time to use my beery-eyed personal failures to directly answer your questions about love and sex. Lemondrop: Should a Wife Know If Her Husband Fantasizes About Other Women?

It might helpful to think of me reading said queries while bedecked in a turtleneck and scratching my distinguished James Lipton beard with a mug of Constant Comment. In truth? I'm wearing a tattered plaid robe I'm pretty sure my mom bought me at Old Navy, and I'm drinking beer. Lemondrop: Is There A Place in Hell For Men Who Wear Mandals?

Let the healing begin!

I'm 24 and finally had a one-night stand. I didn't bother leaving my number or any contact information (or even my name) in the morning for fear of coming off as clingy or naïve. But I accidentally left a couple of accessories at his place, and now I have no way to get in touch. Should I have just offered him my cell number and left it at that? Do I just cope with the fact that the guy and these items are lost forever? MC Lemondrop: What It Means When He Doesn't Call

A lot of stuff going on here, MC...

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