Who's In Charge? You Or Your Partner?

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Who wears the pants in your partnership? Or are you both in charge?

Having just celebrated Women's Equality Day, it's a good time to take stock of who's wearing the pants these days... in the office, outside the office and in our love relationships. Despite the continuing discrepancies between the number of men and women in positions of power, there's no question that power dynamics have shifted, and perhaps one of the best examples of this can be found in the home.

Per FOX 34 News, a survey by Prudential Financial has found that 84 percent of married women are either fully or jointly responsible for managing the household finances. In addition, men are marrying wealthier women. In fact, as recently as 2007, 22 percent of wives earned more than their husbands.

Still, a large majority of women surveyed by Prudential also said that they don't have long-term financial plans, both because of other obligations that keep their minds off their finances, and because they just don't understand their investment options. It makes one wonder: what does an equal relationship really look like, and does it have to involve a casting off of gender norms? If he has the higher-paying job, and she makes an excellent shrimp and linguine puttanesca, couldn't they each stick to what they know best without feeling gender-inspired guilt?

Maybe no one's in charge, or maybe each partner is in charge of their own domain, concentrating on what they excel at, and working together to build a relationship and a household with a strong foundation.

What does equality look like in your relationship? In this Love Buzzer's marriage, I'm the one who takes greater career risks, and who has built a stronger marketing platform in an attempt to launch my own company. At the same time, I make some knockout roasted Brussels sprouts, and take an unhealthy interest in home decor. My husband, on the other hand, does all the ironing, button-sewing, and pants-hemming, and he excels at whipping up buttery pancakes and spicy omelets. Yet, in the most traditional of ways, he is the breadwinner. Does that mean that our relationship is not equal? Or do we have a stronger marriage because we're playing to our strengths? Tales Of A Reluctant, Happy Housewife

Who's in charge in your relationship? Do you feel as if you're equal contributors to your relationship's success?