Sexuality vs. Sensuality

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Recently I've been thinking about sensuality and things I enjoy through the senses. Cradling a little baby in my arms. The smell of a rose against my nose. A bright orange and red sunrise. Some sensual stimulants are more intense than others might be. Red is a very sensual color for me. It might be another color for someone else, but for me its red. And then even more sensual would be a beautiful woman in a short red sundress. And then even more, is a beautiful woman out of a short red sundress.

All this is about sensuality. Stimulating visuals that activate my senses. For me, the female form, whether she is in a pair of tight jeans, or wearing a low-cut top, or wearing nothing at all, she is very sensually stimulating.

But then I wonder at what point does sensuality turn to sexuality. Is it all in the mind? Is it when I become aroused? But that doesn't always qualify. Because sometimes my heart just wants to do this flip-flop pitter-patter thing. Is that sexual? Or is a beautiful woman just stimulating my senses?

Here's another angle. I'm a lover of art. Art speaks to me in many different ways. The form of a woman has been the subject of painters since the beginning of art. Most are very sensual. Not arousing, but sensual. Stimulating. But give me a photo of a naked woman from Penthouse or an internet site and suddenly my cock wants to jump out of my pants! That stirs my sexual desires! I wonder then if it really might just be mind games. My mind tells me that woman in Penthouse, naked with a sexy look in her eyes, loves sex. Is it an attitude? I'm just not really sure about all this. But I'll keep pondering it all.