How I Turned A Breakup Into A Proposal

How I turned a Breakup into a Proposal

I had been together with my boyfriend Walt for just over a year, and we started having some difficulties. We both loved each other, there was no doubt about that. Our problems stemmed from the fact that we had different outlooks on life.

I wanted to get married, get a house, and have kids. He didn't think he was ready.

We would argue in circles. I would keep pointing out that we were nearly 30 years old. He would point out that he was scared to get married because he thought it would end his life as he knew it.

After having this same argument for the 100th time, Walt walked out on me to stay with a friend. I was crushed.

I pulled myself together and tried to find ways to repair the damage. I decided to try to understand Walt's side of the argument. I did some searching on the internet and I found a book called How to get him to propose. The book was amazing. It really opened my eyes as to how Walt saw marriage. I began to understand that he just needed some time to accept the idea of getting married. I decided to give him some space.

About a week after the big fight, Walt called me out of the blue. He moved back in. I decided to not bring up marriage anymore. Instead I followed the advice of the book I read.

About three months after the fight, Walt took me out to a fancy dinner, and he proposed! It was the best moment of my life at that point.

The moral of my story is, have patience. Try to understand your partner's side of things, and if you really love each other things will work out.

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