6 Ways Apple's Ping Will Influence Relationships

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Apple has unveiled Ping and we unveil the ways it will impact your relationship.

Music lovers everywhere—rejoice! Steve Jobs has done it again.

Apple's newest endeavor is Ping: a social network for iTunes. Jobs himself described it as, "Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes ... but it's not Facebook, it's not Twitter. It's a social network all about music." Users will have the chance to create a Ping page where it lists the music they listen to and love, giving them the opportunity to follow the music tastes of their friends and the artists themselves. Everything will link to iTunes, where—of course—your new favorites will be available for purchase.

Just like Facebook and Twitter impact dating and our relationships, here are 6 ways we predict Ping will influence our love lives:

1. TMI.

It's the start of a new relationship and your guy's Ping page says he's listened to Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" at least a hundred times. This isn't necessarily a deal breaker but it does let on too much, too early.

2. Your husband can't lie anymore.

He says he only watches Glee "for you," but Ping will air out his dirty music laundry and the fact that he's had Glee: The Music, Journey To Regionals on repeat. Could you blame him? Mr. Schue and Puck's rendition of "Over the Rainbow" could make anyone a gleek. 

3. Why is she following him?

Ping allows for followers—much like Twitter—and if you post a music review, users can comment on it. If your guy and a female Ping-er are commenting back and forth, you might be skeptical. Even if it is over an awesome guitar riff. Keeping Twitter Tabs On Your Spouse

4.  Ideas for date night.

Not only do you dig the music on your guy's iTunes, but you see that one of his top-played artists is performing at a local venue next week. You snag two tickets and come time for date night, you surprise him with them. He loves you and then you rock out. Talk about a win/win. How To Take Date Night From 'Meh' To Mind-Blowing

5. Research.

Piggybacking on to the idea of date night, seeing his Ping lets you inside his music world, an opportunity to learn more about his favorite genre and artists. You'll be able to start conversations based on the latest news, i.e, "I hear Kanye West is doing a collaboration with so and so."

6. A pseudo-dating site.

Ping has its own niche like a lot of online dating sites do nowadays, and if another user appreciates Paramore as much as you do then that's something to bond over. It's a different way to get to know someone and connecting musically could allow for you two to also connect in other ways. Online Dating Goes Uber-Niche