Tiger's Mistress Rachel Uchitel Visits Ground Zero


The Celebrity Rehab contestant visits the sight where her fiance died after the 9/11 attacks.

Rachel Uchitel is no stranger to high profile news events and drama. Before she made headlines as one of the many bestowed with, but the first to admit, the title of Tiger Woods's "other woman," a heart-wrenching photo of her searching for her fiance on 9/11, an investment banker who worked in the World Trade Center, ran in the New York Post and was circulated around the world. Rachel Uchitel Would Like To Be More Famous, Naked

In the interim of the two disasters, Rachel made a name for herself as a nightclub manager and one of the highest paid VIP hostesses in New York City, wooing celebrities at posh establishments such as Marquee and Stanton Social. Tiger was certainly not her first high-profile rendezvous. She also slept with married Bones actor David Boreanaz. Rachel Uchitel Says She Dumped David Boreanaz

But since the Tiger Woods sex scandal, Rachel has been trying to get her life together and not surprisingly she's doing it publicly. The 35-year-old is currently on Celebrity Rehab and just last week she, accompanied by Dr. Drew and a video crew, visited Ground Zero for the first time since she lost her fiance. 

"Doing this show 'Celebrity Rehab' was one of the best decisions I've ever made," Uchitel said Tuesday. "It has given me an opportunity to deal with some major trauma I've held onto for years."


Rachel should be commended for trying to take a hold of her life; and how could your heart not go out to her for what she went through on 9/11? But does this wash away all the dirt that comes from repeatedly having affairs with married men and seeking money and fame because of it?

It probably won't change the minds of the New York residents who are fighting to keep her from buying (surely with some of the $10 million in hush money she received from Tiger) an apartment in their Park Avenue building. Does it change yours? Are Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel Still Dating?

Photo via INF.