Lea Michele Really Does Not Want To Be Single


This Glee star is willing to go the distance to keep her man.

Lea Michele, who many of you know as "Rachel Berry" from the TV musical, Glee, prefers long-distance relationships to the single life, according to Glamour magazine. The actress who lives in , is dating Theo Stockman, who currently resides in New York where he's performing in the Broadway hit, American Idiot.

But in a recent interview, Michele tells Glamour, she's willing to rack up the frequent flier miles for her long-distance love. 5 Hottest Tony Awards Couples

"I'm a relationship girl, I would rather be long-distance with him than not have a relationship at all."

Theo must be one special dude, because doing the bi-coastal thing ain't easy, especially with Lea and Theo's busy work schedules. (Hopefully, they've got the "Friends and Family" plan, so they can at least talk a lot when they're apart.) But Michele seems to believe it's worth all that effort just to be in a relationship (especially when the alternative is singledom).

So what do you think—is long distance love better than no love? The Pros And Cons of Long-Distance Dating

Photo via INF.