Are You In Love... With Being Alone?

Are You In Love... With Being Alone?

For this guy, one isn't the loneliest number after all. Should he be worried?

I've learned a lot over the course of writing this column. Readers don't care for wedding critiques. Also, if you want to generate a ton of comments, write an impassioned polemic against open-toed sandal-boots and vodka tonics. Interweb columns sure are strange!

My editor, when not worshiping Cthulu, kicking toddlers or excising all of my best jokes, likes to remind me to write honestly. And in trying to do so, I've started to come to some startling conclusions about myself. Lemondrop: Your 20s By The Numbers

Conclusions like, I think I've realized that I'm in love...

... with being alone. Lemondrop: Making a Classy Exit

And if the countless emails I've gotten from you all are to be believed, I'm not alone in this loner love. It seems that many of us, often unconsciously, have become independent to the point of becoming an island unto ourselves.

I'll stop right here so the psychic waves of "You only like being alone because no one will have you" crash against my brain shores. Ah, refreshing.

But I've read the emails and comments, my fellow Island-people. You don't sound like a horde of toothless recluses using an IBM Basic that runs off turkey grease. No, these are lucid, funny, honest emails from normal women who have lives they enjoy—alone. Lemondrop: 10 Things The Women Do That Men Love

We seem sane. But are we kidding ourselves?

My Fellow Islanders
Happily single people? Your islands sound like my island, wonderful places filled with books and wine and selfish Netflix choices. From time to time, sex happens. Sure, occasionally debris of sadness and confusion wash up, but I snap out of it much quicker than I used to.

But here's the thing: I wonder if I'm starting to like this island life a little too much. Books are piling up in my apartment like totems of solitude. I've started leaving my apartment so little that, last week, a protracted battle with invading ants became the de facto email topic with my friends.

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