Snooki's Boyfriend Proposes Via Magazine Cover

Jeff Miranda proposed to Snooki on the cover of Steppin' Out Magazine

Jeff Miranda says he wants lots of little orange babies with the 'Jersey Shore' star.

Just add one more page to the true-life fairytale that is Snooki Polizzi's life.

Snooki's new boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, recently got down on one knee and popped the question. But not before popping his shirt off and making sure there was a camera crew nearby. Yes indeed, like a real Prince Charming, Jeff's proposal was sent to Snooki via magazine cover. But not just any old magazine, like People or Us Weekly. It was nothing but the best for Jeff, whose marriage proposal was captured on the cover of Jersey's classiest rag, Steppin' Out, which, until now, was best known for its cover story of Hailey Glassman, in which she dressed like a ten-cent hooker and talked smack about the size of Jon Gosselin's penis. Hailey Glassman: Jon Gosselin's Penis Is 'So Tiny'

Even though they've only been together for two weeks, Jeff says that Snooki is the one and he wants them to be "together forever." And despite having no evidence to back it up, Jeff is certain that Snooki would be a great parent and actually thinks it would be a good idea for them to procreate.

Jeff is sure that Snooki will say "yes," and he doesn't really care if MTV doesn't approve of Snooki settling down. He also lets all the h8rz know that he's not just using Snooki to get famous, promising, "I will never break her heart. She's such a great girl. If people could see us together they would think we're a match made in heaven. People think I'm using her for fame. But that's bullsh*t."

However, in The Frisky's "8 Things to Know About Jeff Miranda" piece, it was revealed that most of Jeff's friends think he's a player who's desperate to be a star. A guido Spencer Pratt, if you will. And despite his constant claims that he's not a famewhore, Jeff has said that he wants to be an actor and even tried out (and was rejected) for Jersey Shore. And, as The Frisky so astutely picked up on, in the two weeks that the world has been aware of his existence, "he's already said more than [Snooki's co-star] Vinny's said in two seasons." 5 Jersey Shore Dating Tips We'd Actually Use

Scoop: RadarOnline. Photo: Steppin' Out Magazine.