A Happy Ending For John Travolta, Kelly Preston?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston
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Despite their recent hardships, this couple is destined for matrimonial bliss!

Kelly Preston and John Travolta have been together for almost 20 years, which (Scientology and Battlefield Earth aside) already makes us root for them. Sadly, the pair has been through a pretty rough time lately, so we're thrilled to report that they're expecting! And it's a boy!

The only thing is, these two ain't no spring chickens. Did you know that Kelly's 47?! And John's 56? By the time this kid graduates from college, he's going to be a pro at changing adult diapers. (Gross. And also: hee.) How A Baby Can Strengthen Your Marriage

So, what's behind the Preston-Travolta longevity? And what's leading them to make tiny little lovebabies this far on into their relationship? Moonit's ready to find out.

According to their birth dates, John (born February 18, 1954) is "so whipped" on Kelly (born October 13, 1962). Looks like Kelly was destined to tame the Urban Cowboy. John's "defenseless against the really strong pull she's got on him." That's because Kelly was "put on this earth to make sure he achieves his true potential." Tips for Being the Best Dad You Can Be

So that means John "can continue being himself, only better." Don't get us wrong, things are "going to be intense whenever they're together." With "two forces as powerful as both of them, it's not going to be a cake-walk." Especially since John's "temper has a way of flaring every now and then." Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century

But "any disagreements and drama along the way are a small price to pay for becoming a more mature and evolved person." It's important for him to "make the most of this relationship because something like this doesn't come around too many times."  No wonder they're still getting it on after all these years.

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