This Woman Gave Her Boyfriend HIV—Knowingly

AIDS patient stands among the crowd

This German pop princess is facing the consequences of having unprotected sex while HIV positive.

When Nadja Benaissa, 28, found out she was HIV positive, her pop star status meant she keep it from everyone including her then boyfriend who she had unprotected sex with. Lemondrop: Have Sex, Stay Safe and Look Chic

Now she's paid the price. Benaissa was convicted in a German court on Aug. 26 for getting in the sack with him and two other men—knowing that she had the virus. Lemondrop: If the Glove Don't Fit—Most Guys Find Condoms Uncomfortable

According to German law, anyone can be sued if they are HIV positive, have unprotected sex with a partner and don't tell the other party (or, in this case, -ies.) Although the German pop princess has known of her condition since 1999, her ex said she infected him in 2004, Medical News Today reported. Benaissa finally came out with the truth at an AIDS charity gala in 2009. Lemondrop: Does Oral (Or Anal) Count As Having Sex? Nobody Knows

She was then arrested in April and has been on trial since Aug. 16.

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Written by Emily Tan for Lemondrop.

This Woman Gave Her Boyfriend HIV—On Purpose