NYC To Tell Gays Where To Marry

city hall

Gay marriage is not allowed in New York, but they'll tell you where it is allowed.

The city of New York is pretty solid when it comes to dictating morality and deciding what's best for its citizens. In the past couple of decades, various regimes have shut down skeevy porn shows near Times Square; instituted a 400 percent tax on tobacco; forced chain restaurants to post caloric data on menus; and sued gun sellers in other states because of weapons used to commit NYC-based crimes. On top of that, our intrepid mayor, Mike Bloomberg, shoehorned his way into a third mayoral term, despite the city's term limit. With that as a prologue, the city has decided not to fight the state's stance on gay marriage, though it will still give homosexuals information on how and where to get married.

Per the Wall Street Journal, City Hall will now let gay couples know where they can go (and not straight to hell, Stephen Colbert) in order to make their nuptials happen. By law, the City Hall clerk now has to tell couples that they can get married in: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont or the District Of Columbia. Gay Marriage Update: The Good, The Bad & Ugly

Not to denigrate the open-mindedness of the city counsel, but can't people just Google "gay marriage states"? I know that City Hall has a certain cache and credibility that the webs just don't, but don't they have bigger fish to fry? Defying the state and allowing gay weddings would be a good use of calories; voting to print out a page from Wikipedia is not.

I suppose it's better than the treatment that Jane Spahr is getting from the Presbyterian Church. Per, she was summoned to trial for marrying in California, which is both contrary to the will of the people of California (except for that judge) and Presbyterian doctrine. I'm guessing they can't burn her at the stake but they can probably say hurtful things and really monopolize a lot of her time. 

Hopefully, someone smarter than me will soon figure out whether or not gay marriage will truly ruin marriage for the rest of us, and then we can start concentrating on the little things, like education, dependency on foreign debt, future energy sources, joblessness, why Two And A Half Men is still on TV, what really happened at the end of Inception and what the exact appeal is of Lady Gaga.