Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys?

Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys?
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Pinkee here~ I have recently had a resurgence of my love of sex toys.  (It’s been a long-standing love affair.)

I know some of you guys out there have some issues with toys, though.  I’d say the two most common ones are either you have never used toys with your partner because you’re afraid she is too conservative, or you’ve never used toys with your partner because you’re afraid she will like them more than she likes your penis.

Now, I know I’ve said this before, but believe me guys, it bears repeating: NOTHING, AND I MEAN NOTHING, WILL EVER REPLACE YOUR REAL, LIVE HARD c**k.

Okay, good, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can address the other issue.  Let’s say you have a great woman, but you’d like to spice things up in the sex department.  You’ve never used toys together before, and you’re kinda scared you’ll either piss or scare her off if you do introduce the subject.  Well, Pinkee’s sex toy series of blogs to the rescue.  This week we’ll start off with the least threatening toys, next week we’ll graduate to dildos and vibrators, and the following week we’ll get really crazy!

Under the category of really beginner type things fall lotions, potions, and ticklers.  These could include things like nipple “chapstick” that makes her nipples tingle and also has a tasty flavor as well.  There are also edible body oils and lotions that can be used creatively on any part of both or your bodies.  (I do recommend stearing clear of the vagina, though, so you won’t cause any irritation or infection.)  And then there are edible powders sold with tiny feather dusters to tickle each other with in many areas.

If you still think she might be freaked out by this, you can use things you have (conveniently placed) in the refrigerator or around the house.  For instance, you can get the same effect with whipped cream and hot fudge for the potions.  Or, buy a feather duster from the hardware store and use regular talcum powder.  Only thing with that one is, it’s not edible.  The other advantage to going this route is, it’s usually cheaper.   Sex toys can get pricey. 

If you’re shy about introducing the topic, you can broach the subject by starting out with talking about something you really like, or giving a compliment.  For instance, you can say: ‘I really enjoy making love to you, and...”  Then complete the sentence by stating something that you want.  For example “...I thought it might be really fun to make it extra sweet today.”  And then pull out your can of whipped cream or whatever you have up your sleeve.  Then, start gradually.  Don’t go straight for creating and then eating off a whipped cream bikini.  Instead, start with putting some on her shoulder , belly button, or neck.  Let her try it on you, too, avoiding the hairy places.  (Sticky, sweet stuff and hair, not good.)  Then graduate to her nipples, and possibly yours, and see what you each think about having your partner lick it off your genitals. 

If you’ve never tried it before, it can be a great adventure.  And, if you have done it, and want to relive the experience again, surprise her by making a little pit stop on the way home at the sex toy store, hardware store, or grocery store.