Best Of The Web: First Dates & Craigslist

Buzz, Love

Plus 18th Century Japanese sex manuals and spending the night.

It's the weekend before Labor Day and let's get it on.

First up, Em & Lo ( have a foolproof checklist to creating an adult spend-the-night party for two (or more, not judging). Just remember it's OK for your mom to pick you up if you puke or get scared.

Maybe another item to bring along on a stay over: an 18th century Japanese sex manual. Mom Logic has the word on some 200+ year-old knowledge from the land of the rising sun. I wonder if they involved schoolgirl costumes back then.

Lemondrop has some much newer information of first-date sex. Evidently, it's not that bad… or it is. Scientists can't figure it out. Until they do, you should just wear condoms and do whatever you think is right. The Smoking-Hot Reason To Avoid First-Date Sex

First dates are sometimes blind dates. And blind dates are often, well, learning experiences. "Learning experience" is often code for something that super sucks. My pal Lost Plum (I call her Plummy, you may not) had a first date/ blind date/ learning experience with a dude who may have been really into quoting one specific part of Dr. Laura's show.

And, periodically, you'll go into something less than an actual date… like a casual encounter. The Frisky has a quandary: what to do if you catch your husband cruising Craigslist. Hope it's a joke?

Speaking of Craigslist, Newsy has word that the several states are cracking down on the adult services of the world's most bizarre bazaar. I suppose the days of guilt-free, for-pay HJs are almost over. How To Date On Craigslist

Craigslist is a good place to find a discreet lover who is just down to bang on the DL. Maybe Tiger Woods should have tried that for a minute. Either way, per Betty Confident, Rachel Uchitel really wants to try it again with the golf-meister as his divorce came to a close. Works for me!

If you're relationship dissolves, for any reason, the key is to not beat yourself up too much. This is according to Mary Montero writing for Huffington Post. Unless you're famous, then society and the media will be very disappointed in you if we have to do all of the beating. We'll do it, but you need to flagellate too. My Facebook Breakup Was Humiliating—and Helpful

Finally, Evan Marc Katz answers the age-old question: what if my boyfriend loves his bros too much? I say Ice those bozos and remind your guy that his homeys can't bang like ya. Or not.

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