Christina Applegate's Ex-Husband Divorcing–Again!

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Johnathon Schaech, separated from his wife after just twelve days and now they're getting a divorce.

While Christina Applegate is engaged and starting a family, her ex-husband, Johnathon Schaech, is heading to divorce court. Schaech and his wife of just two months, One Tree Hill actress, Jana Rae Kramer are getting a divorce. According to the divorce papers, which the sleuths over at TMZ obtained, the actress filed for dissolution of marriage, and now TMZ is reporting that the couple was only married for twelve days (yep, you heard that right) before separating. Christina Applegate Engaged, With Child

While we're not sure what exactly is going on here, considering some couple's honeymoons last longer than twelve days, it's clear that Jana and Johnathon either just really couldn't stand each other (and didn't figure that out until they got married) or they're trying to set a world record for the shortest celebrity marriage. But according to Life & Style's source, Kramer may have rushed into things:

"Jana is a good 14 years younger than Johnathon. She moved in with him within six months or less of dating. She really didn't like living there. It was his bachelor pad and just not enough space for the both of them." 

Yeah we don't buy that—we're smelling something more scandalous here. If the split was really about the bachelor pad, moving would probably be the more logical step before getting a divorce, right? But hey, maybe Johnathon's just a huge slob or has truly awful decorating taste that Jana just couldn't stand?

Hmmm...maybe Schaech should try dating a woman who's not an actress next time. Just a thought... Bachelor Pad: Where Brains Go To Die

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