Links We Love: How To Be A Happy Wife


Learning fatherhood in prison, can your man keep it in his pants and 9 other links we love.

Each week at Traditional Love we bring you the best links around the web on love, marriage, family and all things related. This week we bring you links on fatherhood, cheating and how to be a happy wife.

Research shows that when it comes to marriage, the old model still makes wives happy. [Mercator]

Turns out a long-lasting marriage makes more money for you than that alimony payment. [FOX Business]

Prison teaches men how to become better fathers. [Laurel Leader-Call]

Turns out, cheap is sexy. Keep that in mind the next time your husband puts you on a budget. [New York Times]

Stalking your spouse with the GPS? Turns out it's not just creepy, it's a good idea. [The Wilson Quarterly]

A sweet story of couples doing the dance of life together, in-tune and in-step. [Duluth News Tribune]

If you don't have the GPS, use these 15 tips to help you know if your partner is straying. [Family Goes Strong]

Not to make you even more paranoid, but are stay-at-home husbands more likely to cheat? [MomLogic]

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