Tiger & Elin: Was Their Union Doomed To Fail?


This pair was star-crossed from the start.

Things have been kind of crazytown for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. First, there was last November's mysterious car crash. Next, Tiger spent most of his waking hours doing damage control on his then-newly-uncovered string of mistresses. (Seriously? He was messing around on Elin Nordegren, the model? Cheating on that blonde bombshell makes about as much sense as a solar-powered flashlight.)

And finally, when it came to his golf standing, he epically screwed the pooch. It's really no wonder that the couple decided to go their separate ways; as of this past Monday, these two are finalized, footloose, and fancy-free. Tiger Woods Divorce Details

We hate to say it, but this is one divorce that we were kind of rooting for. In light of Woods' wandering eye, Moonit's decided to see what brought these two together in the first place. According to their analysis, Elin (born on January 1, 1980) and Tiger (born on December 30, 1975) are a pair that's, "guaranteed to be interesting!"

Moonit urges people with Elin and Tiger's birth dates to, "be forewarned: unless he's up for getting emotionally, physically and mentally involved with her, he shouldn't even think about barking up her tree. This relationship will be super intense in every way." (We guess that includes the intense way locals describe her. Around town, Elin's known as a woman who, "has a temper and flies off the handle… Everyone in the neighborhood was talking about how Elin 'beat his ass.'" Guess you have to rule with an iron fist if you've got that kind of hubby on your hands!) Elin Nordegren: 'I've Been Through Hell'

Yikes. Even still, Moonit's assessment reveals that this combative couple was cosmically bound to give things a shot–for better or worse. Tiger and Elin's unique birth date combination compelled the two of them to get to know each other better. In particular, Tiger was the one to put the ball in play, while Elin, who's far less likely to put herself out there, succumbed to her curiosity.

All said, maybe Tiger wasn't as prepared for the full package as he once seemed to be. If only he had sowed a wild oat or two (or 23?) before they tied the knot…

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