Glossip: Did Naya Rivera Key Mark Salling's Car?

Mark Salling and Naya Rivera
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Rumor has it that Puck cheated on the wrong Cheerio.

Even though we think this rumor is most likely filed in the "fake" folder, it was too juicy to not address. Plus, it gives us an excuse to talk about Glee! Which 'Glee' Guy Is Your Type?

It's long been rumored that Mark Salling (Puck) and Naya Rivera (Santana) have something of a showmance going on, and Us Weekly reported yesterday that the relationship hit a sour note when Naya got tired of Mark dueting with other girls. According to a source, Naya "went crazy" after reading tabloid reports about Mark's carousing and decided to hit him (with eggs) where it hurts—his car. Despite it being a Lexus and not a pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive, Naya allegedly dug her key into the side of it anyway.

Today, RadarOnline offered up more details on the tools of destruction that Naya used during her rampage, via a source who claims that "Naya and a girlfriend went to a liquor store around 1 am and bought eggs and dog food. They were laughing hysterically the whole time they were in the store...They didn’t seem drunk, they were just being silly." See, now that's the kind of statement that makes this story hard to believe. Who goes to a liquor store to buy eggs and dog food? What liquor store even sells eggs and dog food??

It also seems far-fetched to think that Naya would do something that destructive (and illegal) to someone who she has to work with every day. And if Glee's creator, Ryan Murphy, is the kind of guy who institutes an on-set sex ban (clearly to prevent things exactly like this from happening), well, he probably isn't someone who would take shenanigans like this lightly. No Sex Allowed For 'Glee' Cast

Neither Naya nor anyone from her camp has commented on the rumors yet, but Mark quickly tweeted, "Silly rumors, we're the best of friends," and "Btw I don't even drive a Lexus." 

 Photo: From Mark Salling's Twitter photo stream.