Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?

Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?

Behind every successful woman should be a line of young men.

Maybe Katie Couric is right. 

According to Judith Brower, author of FAYM: Females and Younger Men, the Trend That Changes the Rules, behind every great single woman should be a line of younger, single men.

No, she's not jumping on the cougar train a few years too late. Dating younger men, she says, is about increasing your chances of finding a soul mate. It's also the new black, natural order of things (since women live, on average, five years longer), and a habit Hollywood's had for years. (Kelly Ripa, we're looking at you, though you're so scary-skinny these days, it's hard to do!) Lemondrop: Why Cougar Town (and the Term) Should be Shot and Stuffed

And, well, since Brower is the CEO of her own marketing communications firm, we figure she's used to turning her nose to the wind and sniffing out the latest trends. So, we decided to hear her out.

What we wanted to know: How young is too young? What if he lives with his mom? And does this mean there will be a female Hef someday soon? Lemondrop: May We May–December?

One can only hope. We would really like twin boy toys named Timmy and Tommy to do all of our bidding. Lemondrop: Salute to Women in the News

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop.