5 Married Women On Why They Fell In Love

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Married women reveal what made them fall in love with their husbands.

I've been told by my married women friends that once you've been with someone for a while, it's helpful to walk down memory lane and recall why you initially fell in love. The bedazzled butterflies of new love inevitably give way to mortgage payments and mothers-in-law, and it's easy to get wrapped up in daily frustrations. So when you're feeling tired or annoyed or just need a little pick-me-up, a little romantic reminiscence might be just what the doctor ordered. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite married women and why they fell in love. 

Jennifer, 29, real estate agent: "I had no choice in the matter. We just clicked and connected on a level that I have never connected with anyone else before. I think it was about three months in when he wrote a song for me. After dinner he brought out his guitar and sang for me. After that I was officially hooked. I wasn't looking for love at the moment, but it found me and here I am two years later married with a baby."

Marlene, 42, event planner: "My husband and I were co-workers for about a year before we even started dating. When I got a new job I realized one of my first thoughts was 'Oh my God—I'm going to REALLY miss William!' He was the smartest and funniest person in every meeting, and I kind of took it for granted. I asked him out immediately after that and sometime around our third date I thought to myself he was the guy for me." 6 Tips For Dating At Work

Leslie, 36, sales executive: "I had a classic love-at-first-sight moment. Andy and I were set-up by a mutual friend and met for coffee. I remember thinking when I walked back to my car 'this is the man I'm going to marry.'"

Beth, 29, freelance writer: "I met my husband in high school—so what does a 17-year-old know about why they fell in love?—but my first memory of Rob is when he shot out of nowhere and glided across the hallway, staring at me, and introduced himself like it was the most important moment in the world. I think I fell in love at that moment and haven't fallen out."

Samantha, 27, medical student: "This is going to sound so cheesy but the way our bodies fit together! It's like there is a carefully carved place your body was designed to fall into. I also just crave how he smells! It sounds so primal, but since the day we met I haven't been able to go longer then 24 hours without talking to him." The Power And Science Of Sexual Touch

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