Man Chooses Fishing Over Family, Seems OK With It

man with fishing net

The golf widow is just one of many lonely women.

Where I come from, there's a saying: "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will abandon his family every weekend." A fellow named Lee Jackson must be from the same area. In a story that could have come from an episode of The Simpsons*, Mr. Lee Jackson decided to spend a little extra time on the lake rather than with his family.

According to, Mr. Jackson had a grudge against a 68-pound carp named Two-Tone (sounds like a pimp). Maybe the fish killed and ate Mr. Jackson's parents (though probably not). Whatever the case, his obsession led him to spend days at a time on the lake, leaving behind his wife and three small kids, lonely and bereft. Though the wife never got in Mr. Jackson's way, she is now his ex-wife, and I imagine that his obsession probably didn't endear him to her.

Plenty of dudes have a weekend passion—be it golf, football or World Of Warcraft—and many of these dudes are married and essentially widow their wives from Friday evening through the end of Sunday (and again Monday evening if their vice is football). I suppose one could always stomp their feet and hold their breath until he gave up his passion, but that could cause a level of resentment that would likely dwarf the exasperation the hobby causes. If you can't beat em, should you join 'em or start yoga? I Could Have Been A World Of Warcraft Widow

Keep in mind that if you're not fishing where the fish are, you're just getting drunk on a boat.

Do any of you have spouses with very time-consuming passions that leave you a little lonely? How do you tell them about it without starting a fight?

*Note: In season two of The Simpsons, they had an episode entitled "The War Of The Simpsons," in which Marge and Homer go on a marriage retreat. Homer attempts to catch a mythical catfish named General Sherman and severely disappoints his wife. In order to save his marriage, he throws the fish back into the lake. A little surprising that Mr. Lee Jackson, who shares a name with two Civil War generals, didn't know that story.