Are You Ever Going To Get Married?

Bride in white tutu

The factors behind why some singles are more likely than others to tie the knot.

In these uncertain times, the media knows that we've got a lot of things to be anxious about. 

Is Levi Johnston seriously running for mayor of Wasilla? How's Snooki doing,post-arrest? What's going to happen toSteven Slater, that crazy JetBlue flight attendant who found a new use for the emergency chute?

But there's one worry that's taking up more mental real estate than any other. That, of course, is "Am I ever going to get married???" lemondrop: Project Husband -- She's Got the Gown, Now She Needs the Groom

See, we all need to be very concerned about this issue; if we aren't, we might never achieve our true purpose in life before becoming old and dried up and useless. Luckily for all of us, though, our friends at the Daily Beast have compiled a helpful list outlining factors that contribute to the likelihood of a given person getting married. Its main takeaway point: Rich, educated, white Americans who were never fat are more likely to tie the knot than other people. Color us shocked! lemondrop: I Now Pronounce You Annoying -- Wedding Trend

There are also numerous other random attributes that make some people more likely to get married than others. But let's be real -- getting married isn't necessarily a good thing. Even if something ups your chances of walking down the aisle, it's bound to bring a downside with it. For example ... lemondrop: Waiting for a Guy to Propose? What's Wrong With Doing It Yourself?

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Written by Hillary Busis for lemondrop.