Links We Love: Football Widows

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How to handle being a football widow and third marriages kill.

 Great news! eHarmony claims to be responsible for 4.77% of all new marriages in the U.S. The other 95.23% my mom takes credit for. [eHarmony]

Prison doesn't always have to be a dealbreaker. This couple in Toledo help inmates have strong marriages. [Toledo Blade]

Do you miss The Marriage Ref? Now you can find it online. Submit your problems and let strangers decide who's right. (It's better than leaving it up to his mom.) [WaPo]

If you are on marriage number three there is more bad news then all those alimony payments. This study says people with multiple marriages die earlier. If that's true, then explain Larry King. [The Daily Mail]

You need to think twice before you leave your wife for Peyton Manning. [The Generous HusbandHow To Manage His Love Of Football

And ladies, if you feel neglected because your husband seems to be more involved in Brett Farve waffling than you making him waffles, don't dispair. Look on the bright side. [The Hubby Diaries]  Tales Of A Football Fan—And His Wife

One woman says that when she tells people she's engaged instead of their congratulations, she receives their warnings. [fly away time

Female breadwinners are more likely to be cheated on. Good thing I make next to nothing. [MarriageGems