Jennifer Aniston And Jon Stewart's Hot Date

Jennifer Aniston And Jon Stewart's Hot Date

The Daily Show host spills the beans on his dinner date with Jen.

Calm down there folks! Jennifer Aniston and Jon Stewart are not dating. We repeat: Stewart and Aniston are not an item. After all, he's a married man! But they did have a hot dinner date back in the 90's, Stewart recently revealed on The Daily Show.  In fact, when Aniston appeared on his show to promote her latest film, The Switch, Jon brought up the infamous date before she even had a chance to sit down. The Daily Show Takes on Cougars

So what's a date with one of the sexiest women alive really like? Unfortunately, for the late night talk show host, it was a bit of a disappointment actually. Stewart, who asked Aniston out when she was still filming the first season of Friends (i.e. before she became a household name, not to mention a haircut), liked the up-and-coming star and hoped over a romantic Italian dinner, sparks would fly. But Stewart's plan to wine and dine the actress fell through when the Friends' star, showed up with, well, friends. Who Is Jennifer Aniston Dating?

"You brought so many of your friends and I remember thinking, well she's so excited to be on a date with me, she wants me to get to know her posse," Jon joked. 

Not exactly, Jon. But the actress laughed and played along, telling the host it just showed her "commitment to Friends," and calling the date "lovely" and "sweet".

Too bad Ms. Aniston was only interested in a platonic relationship with the funny-man at the time. If Stewart wasn't married with a family and all, the two would make a great couple! They're both successful TV stars, funny and cool. (Not to mention, fabulously wealthy.) And we know Jen likes her funny guys, like Vince Vaughn, who Aniston dated post-Brad Pitt. But Stewart's like the smarter, better dressed (i.e. less slobby) version of Vaughn, and after the John Mayer debacle, we're thinking an older man would do Jen some good. Dating: Where Can I Find An Attractive Older Man?

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But alas, this perfect match will never be. So a word to the wise, don't bring your friends on a first date—even if you think you're completely not interested. You never know if he'll turn out to be the next John Stewart!

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